Refuge @northteapower


When Almost Famous caught fire this afternoon I initially didn’t think much of it. It’s at the other end of the street to HacMan so it didn’t seem like it would affect me even though I was in the space at the time. The first I knew about it in fact was someone knocking on the door asking if there was any fire in the space as there was an alarm going off. There wasn’t and I could barely hear the alarm over the radio so I went back to work and ignored it.

Eventually however, not only did more pictures filter through from Skippy but the bloke who’d originally knocked on the door came to say the police were evacuating the street. Ah well said pretty much the whole of Edge Street, lets go to North Tea Power.

So we did, and it was packed. However, the staff gallantly did their best and seemed completely un-phased by the influx of displaced workers.

It is in the face of this hardship that I am reviewing them:

Coffee (caffè latte made with skimmed milk)

Their coffee may be small but it certainly packs a punch, strong and flavoursome without any hint of scorching either to the coffee or the milk. 10/10

Tea (milk no sugar)

At Skippy’s behest I also ordered “tea”, a request which completely failed to do justice to their long list of teas. As a result I also have no idea what the class as common or garden tea but what ever it was it was lovely, even I could have drunk it without sugar and I am not a fan of tea (black, green, white or any other variety). I will drink it if there’s nothing else, with milk and by preference two sugars but really I’d rather have water.


We didn’t eat while we were at North Tea Power today but I was aware of food going out while I was there and boy did it smell good. I only hope it tasted as nice.


I would definitely recommend North Tea Power to anyone who is a fan of quality beverages. If you favour quantity however this is probably not the place for you.

The food smelled amazing and should I ever eat there I will happily give them a review of that as well. The staff were calm and friendly under pressure.

Oh and they’re dog friendly so they get a positive for that too.

Highly recommended