National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition 2015

This weekend Skippy, Bran and I went to the National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition 2015. Somehow we managed to get out without buying all the things. We did take a few photographs though:

This isn’t part of the model engineering exhibition but I really want it!


Not as many photos as you were expecting? I was clearly too busy looking at things to photograph them…

Maker Faire UK 2015

Maker Faire UK is held at the Center for Life in Newcastle. I attended, complete with Skippy and my recent biohacking project, as part of Hackspace Manchester.

Here are some of the things I saw while I was there:

A chocolate 3D printer


(Quickly renamed sexypod)

Giant neo-pixel display

Mini neo-pixel display the game code was later put onto the giant screen








More 3D Printers

Daleks and a Wookie

These laser cut bunnies were everywhere!

DIY CNC Plasma Cutter


& some other things:

2015-04-26-13.25.55 2015-04-26-12.28.20

When 3D Prints go wrong

I set one of these printing last night:

10p holder.
10p holder

I’ve printed about 16 of these so far (they’re for a bingo hall and take £25 worth of 10p’s as £1 blocks). This morning Bob messaged me to let me know that my print had failed… fairly spectacularly.

Time lapse of the print failing:

When I arrived at HAC:Man this is what I found:

The moral of this story is: if you can possibly avoid it, don’t leave a running 3D printer unattended.